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IVF Egg, Embryo & Sperm Donor Program Gurgaon

Third-party reproduction, commonly known as a donation, is a ray of hope for childless couples who cannot produce their kid. The donor program might range from egg donation to sperm donation to embryo donation, depending on the infertile couple's health issues. Egg, sperm, or embryos may be donated depending on the patient's needs. A Seed of Innocence is a well-known sperm donation clinic where countless infertile couples seek advice if they want a complete grasp of the sperm donation process, the egg donation technique, the hazards associated with egg donation, and so on.

Donation of eggs

The program is one of India's most prominent and provides high-quality service at a low cost. This program has benefited couples worldwide, and they are incredibly pleased with the centre’s professional services.

One can donate your eggs if you want to.

The egg donation service gives prospective parents the option of selecting a donor who shares their physical and mental qualities. The eggs from this donor are then fertilized with the partner's or a donor's sperm and implanted into a surrogate or the intended mother.

The donor's selection criteria

  • Under the age of 27
  • May likely had children previously.
  • All medical testing for general health should be completed.
  • Hormone levels that are normal on ultrasound, the uterus and ovaries appear to be expected.
  • Infectious illnesses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and syphilis are not present.
  • There is no history of genetic or medical issues.
  • On-demand karyotyping should be commonplace.
  • Donors are only permitted to contribute a total of six times. The donors are educated about the procedure and the need to visit the clinic daily. They go through a psychiatric evaluation, and we make sure they follow unit protocols to ensure the program runs smoothly.

The procedure

A database of physical traits, medical screening, and other evaluations is kept. The donor is matched to the recipient's needs—the donor, her spouse, and the receiver couples all signed consent paperwork to avoid legal issues.

a database of donors

Age, height, weight, skin colour, eye colour, texture, education, and religion are all recorded, and donors are classified based on these factors. This aids in the maintenance of a perfect database, ensuring that the recipient donor match is perfect and meets the recipients' needs.

Who is eligible to participate in the donor egg program?

  • There is an oocyte donation program for women.
  • Premature ovarian failure is a condition in which the ovaries fail prematurely.
  • Ovaries are surgically removed.
  • Perimenopausal women.
  • Some women are having a history of poor follicle recruitment during IVF.
  • Women who have a lot of endometrioses.
  • Severe pelvic adhesions in women.
  • This program may also be appropriate for people with inaccessible ovaries that make egg collection difficult.
  • IVF failures those are unexplained.

Select a donation.

Aside from typical donors, we also have exclusive tall, fair, and gorgeous donors and grads and postgraduates. At all levels, confidentiality is maintained.

The Donor Egg Cycle: A Step-by-Step Guide

This cycle does not include any ovarian stimulation. As detailed in the lengthy protocol, the eggs come from a donor undergoing ovarian stimulation after being downregulated. You'll be instructed to start taking T. Ovral G / Duoluton on a particular day and end on a specific date. Superfast injections are started before Ovral G is terminated to help your body's hormones regulate themselves. The injections must be done daily. On the third day of your menstruation, you'll get an ultrasound to check your endometrial thickness. Tab. if it has been suppressed sufficiently.

Progynova is used to accelerate endometrial development and is started at D3. On regular scans, the endometrial thickness is monitored. When the lining is about 1 cm thick, and the donor's eggs have been harvested, your husband is requested to provide a semen sample (on the day of egg collection from the donor). Fertilization has been completed. You will be instructed to cease injecting superfast and begin injecting Gemstone 100 mg every day the next day. It would help if you phoned the unit the next day to determine when the embryo transfer will occur.

Embryo donor

Who is eligible to donate an embryo?
  • Couples who have a high chance of transmitting genetic diseases on to their children
  • Women who have had multiple IVF failures.
  • When both partners are experiencing problems conceiving.

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